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Shared Urban Value assists the implementation of urban and territorial projects across the board, starting from the active involvement of all actors

Services for Projects

An idea is born from the reading of a need or an opportunity, but is realized if it becomes action, and to do so it must be developed as a project, activating all the necessary resources.

VUC assists the different actors in several ways:

  • project development at all stages: feasibility, design, implementation, management

  • strengthening partnerships

  • search for non-financial resources (skills, headquarters, goods, services, volunteering)

  • fund research (donations, sponsorships, tenders, fundraising, crowdfunding)

  • VUC event: matchmaking platform

  • assistance to leadership and project groups

  • monitoring and impact assessment

  • activation of civic volunteering

Services for the Actors

Businesses, business foundations, third sector entities, the public sector may need various services to start urban and territorial projects.


VUC realizes:


  • plans, urban programs

  • CSR strategy aimed at local places and communities, third mission

  • CSR monitoring, social balance sheets

  • organizational and governance change

  • campaigns, tenders, development of innovative action tools

  • searches

  • nominations and management of national and European projects

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