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VUC event

The VUC event is an original format , under construction, in which projects of collective urban and territorial action are triggered


In a territory that has identified its challenges and will for action, the VUC event is a strategic moment of meeting and agreement between the actors to contribute to a set of local change projects. It is conceived as a human (non-digital) "marketplace" of local and applied civic engagement, to get to know each other, to bring together ideas, skills and resources, to be curious, to like each other and to commit mutually and concretely in the medium term to work together.

During the event, symbolic but declared agreements are reached and signed to carry out projects together, each actor making their own contribution (creative, planning, relational, communicative, managerial, financial skills, donation of goods, services, spaces, volunteering, etc. ). It is therefore a format that faces challenges in a pragmatic, not theoretical way.

The event can have a geographic focus (a small city, a district of a large city, a territorial area), in which a community of place is self-identified. It can also be organized by types of challenges and themes (cultural, social, economic or other).

Ideas are presented and discussed according to an established format that maximizes their valorisation for a wide audience, understanding of objectives, expectations and impacts, comparison and mutual learning.

It requires serious preventive preparation with the parties, their accompaniment and subsequent monitoring to ensure that the commitments made between those who have decided to collaborate by pooling resources are feasible and concretely developed.

To launch the first VUC events in Italy,
interested partners are sought!

The VUC event is a model of event and process under construction,
to be built together with those who want to experience it!

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