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Come and hear and tell
of beautiful stories in Turin


VUC Turin

Turin is a city full of ideas, projects and resources that are often hidden or little known

VUC Torino is an informal and regular event to tell beautiful stories
of the city
: those who have innovated in their field and want to make themselves known ,
maybe grow up, those who have ambitious visions and ideas and want to deal with
, to be helped, those looking for partners or resources of various kinds


VUC Torino takes place at aperitif time, in a fixed place set up like a bar, on a regular basis. Anyone can subscribe to a self-managed calendar to tell their story, according to very simple, but effective rules of engagement and presentation, to adhere to. Anyone can register to participate, or show up at the last minute if there is still room.

It is based on exchange, socialization and positivity, to describe a different city, made up of different and extraordinary people who never stand still. The motivation to participate as a speaker or audience is the desire to get involved, seek help and give it, mutual curiosity and affection for Turin. The goal is first of all the meeting and chat, almost casual or informal, from which everything always comes, taking home new ideas, relationships and desire to do.


To launch VUC Torino,
interested partners are sought!

VUC Torino will be low / zero cost and structured with a defined format for the meeting, and a permanent and open digital calendar, to which you can simply adhere, accepting a few rules and a minimum of support for the success of the presentation and conversation. VUC Torino is looking for a suitable place to develop and partners who appreciate the idea and want to help develop it.

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